Sitemeter: Jimmy Demello Artworks: September 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chinese Antiques

Still life of rice bowl, broken antique pottery and a carved dragon face on a lions tooth.

Acrylic 11 by 14

Portrait of Vivian

A Chinese student of mine with classic Chinese features. She is really more beautiful than the portrait.
Acrylic 14 by 11

Monday, September 22, 2008

Albert Einstein in Washington, DC

Probably one of the most interesting monuments in DC is near the Vietnam Memorial, across the street and hidden behind some trees. There resides a huge bronze of Albert.
Pen and Ink.

Greg's Painting

I painted this from an artist's book on painting techniques. Probably shouldn't post this as it qualifies as copyright infringement but I don't sell my paintings anyway so whats it going to hurt?
Acrylic 16 by 20.


Anna is really much cuter than this painting but I really liked the highs and lows and shadows so I didn't realisticize her. Forgive me Anna. I'm sure the painting is buried in her closet.
Oil 20 by 16


Nothing like a beautiful woman to get the pen to paper.
Pen and ink with graphite.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Baby

In 1987 I went to Malawi, Africa with the Peace Corps. There I made a lot of friends with the locals and volunteers. Coming back to the US I photographed one of the volunteers baby girls and decide to stipple her.
Pen and Ink.


In Ireland a few years ago I gook a picture of the flowers in a window. They were pretty but the brickwork is what is interesting to me.

Do other artists wonder what the lifespan of their works is? Will they just end up in a trash can? Or a museum? Or be sold for big bucks a hundred years from now? Does it matter?

Acrylic - 16 by 20 inches.